Antimatter DEFI protocol and why you need to invest in this gem

The very First simple DEFI platform for longs and short strategies!

How I came across this?

Fun fact & Value of Antimatter

Now let’s look at this tokenized perpetual derivatives DEFI revolution & why DEFI Antimatter has that rare value and that matters to challenge the defacto CEFI

  1. NO TALK BUT ACTION — First product LIVE in Q1
  2. USES THE PROVEN TREND — The FIRST uniswap for options and derivates
  3. ADOPTION FOCUS — No simple DEFI platforms yet to execute long and short startegies
  4. Auto rebalancing polarized token mechanism
  5. Secondary market across products
  6. CROSS CHAIN COMPATIBLE — V V important parameter for future outlook for any DEFI ecosystem, at this time when chain agnostic is the future
  7. Good Simple Token Metrics with vesting and public sale of $225,000 ( public is good)
  8. NO RUG PULL FEAR — Let’s face it, Locked liquidity check will give peace to some minds
  9. Swap protocol in future (good cornerstone to have for self reliance)

NOTE : My motto is to keep the message focused and short. So I end here. DYOR, Just my opinions. All in !:)




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