Antimatter DEFI protocol and why you need to invest in this gem

The very First simple DEFI platform for longs and short strategies!

Tahir Jamal
2 min readFeb 23, 2021

How I came across this?

I just scrolled on twitter on my iphone and suddenly something caught my eye. Seemed a bit mysterious. The name Antimatter! I am an engineer and very keen in physics. I love to read a lot about space and finance:). And this name just got stuck!

Fun fact & Value of Antimatter

You will be really blow away to understand the value of Antimatter, and yes let’s talk about the SPACE Antimatter and then equate it to the DEFI Antimatter. One full gram (approximately 0.035 ounces) of the antiproton, scientists will need to continue their production at the current rate for another 6x10⁸ years, and it will cost them a whopping 2.5x10¹⁵ euros!Are you blown away now??:)

Now let’s look at this tokenized perpetual derivatives DEFI revolution & why DEFI Antimatter has that rare value and that matters to challenge the defacto CEFI

  1. NO TALK BUT ACTION — First product LIVE in Q1
  2. USES THE PROVEN TREND — The FIRST uniswap for options and derivates
  3. ADOPTION FOCUS — No simple DEFI platforms yet to execute long and short startegies
  4. Auto rebalancing polarized token mechanism
  5. Secondary market across products
  6. CROSS CHAIN COMPATIBLE — V V important parameter for future outlook for any DEFI ecosystem, at this time when chain agnostic is the future
  7. Good Simple Token Metrics with vesting and public sale of $225,000 ( public is good)
  8. NO RUG PULL FEAR — Let’s face it, Locked liquidity check will give peace to some minds
  9. Swap protocol in future (good cornerstone to have for self reliance)

NOTE : My motto is to keep the message focused and short. So I end here. DYOR, Just my opinions. All in !:)